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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Tooler_1024, Feb 28, 2014.

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    I applied for the last board for the AROTC scholarship. I did the interview yesterday and my PFA scores were sent. But when I go onto my application it says that I did not have an interview and my PFA isn't required. Will these things update within the next few days or should I contact someone and ask why it was not updated since today is the deadline?
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    The person who did your interview has to send the information in before it will show up. Make sure you check at the end of the application where it says "additional information". Or uploaded documents. something like that. You can look down through to see fi your PFA was uploaded. I think I have that right - I have not looked at the application site in a while so my memory may be fuzzy!
    Never hurts to try to email CC to see if they received the information, especially since it is the deadline.
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    Things don't get updated instantly. But if today is the deadline to have all items submitted (and not merely postmarked), you may want to follow up with a thank you to the PMS for the interview and a very polite reminder that today is the deadline.
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    DS had a similar experience in December. He did his interview in early December, but the PMS (or subordinate) did not send the report to Cadet Command until February, so he missed out on the January board. DS sent a few "reminder" emails, and the interview was eventually sent to Cadet Command. Persistence is key! Good luck!

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