I think the deadline is in February. But IMHO it is best to get your application completed before the Congressman/Senators' (MOC) interviews.

I asked Admissions Virtual Advisor "when is the application deadline?" Here is their answer:

We recommend you open a file at West Point during the spring of your junior year. The bulk of the application process takes place in the fall of your senior year. West Point does not have Early Action, but does have a rolling admissions process. It is best to apply early (Aug/Sep) to give yourself time to complete required tests and evaluations and to complete the admissions packet.

You should apply for a nomination at the same time you open a candidate file at West Point, preferrably during the spring of your junior year. Write a letter to your congressional representative and request a nomination. Members of Congress determine their own application deadlines, so apply early. A candidate cannot be offered admission without a nomination.

Good Luck, SpartanShock117. :thumb:
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thanks... should I be in contact with a liaison officer yet, I keep emailing him and all I get back is "it will be a please to work with you in the future"
Two years ago, when my son applied to West Point, the MALOs (Military Academy Liason Officers) were stretched thin due to the wars. They are volunteers and most are graduates of West Point. These MALOs are busy people.

Your MALO may be more available to you once you have completed more of your West Point application. Stay in touch with the people you have asked for recommendations and keep your guidance counselor apprised of your progress with your application.

My son found that following up with the teachers who wrote his recommendations and writing the essay were the most time consuming parts of the application.
You can do it...there is still plenty of time. :thumb:

I read on another thread that you are planning to take the SAT (and maybe the ACT?) again. Keep working on completing your USMA application and your nomination applications. You can update your USMA application with new SAT/ACT scores until the deadline in February/March, 2009.