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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by kl3661, Apr 1, 2014.

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    Is there anyone who has ever reapplied or applied for the first time from a college who can give me some advice or information like what kind of things from high school ( or your last application) can you use (I'm guessing you have to get new SAT, ACT and CFA scores but just to make sure) as well as teacher recommendations/nominations?

    I'm not eligible for citizenship until I am 20 and I am currently a sophomore at high school (15 years old) I know it's early to think about this if I can't apply till in 5 years + however long it takes for me to obtain US citizenship /forfeit my other citizenship but I want to be prepared

    I just don't want to bother my teachers for recommendations since I've already went to them to be references for many things (although I will have to for civilian college)
    or looking for nominations if I am most likely going to move to another state

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    Hey there! I am a freshman who is App state and I am currently reapplying after falling short last year. Hence the username :yllol:. Applying as a freshman in college is challenging because of the workload and the application process all bundled together however there is a wider range of faculty availible to help you with recommendations, SOE's, and other various pieces. You'll find that doing ROTC in college will also be an option depending on where you go and will provide invaluable skills for West Point. You get to use the same ACT SAT scores and teacher evaluations but you have to retake the CFA and resubmit your essays, CPDR, CAR, and academic info. Everything else stays. Look into your college choices now, plan to go for one with ROTC (or a prep school perhaps?), find out who the senators and representatives are in this area as well as the FFR. Doing your research now will have you well prepared for when the application comes around.

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