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    I'm applying for college next year and want to also attend the AFROTC at the university. If i want to receive a scholarship for ROTC, when should i apply? during or before my freshman year? Also, what do i need to present in order to be accepted into the program?

    Thank you for all your comments and answers :smile:
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    I don't understand, are you a high school Senior or a high school Junior? If you're a senior you should apply now. If a Junior, apply when the registration period opens which would be the summer after your Junior year. I finished my application closer to December, but I didn't know when I should do it. If I had I would have applied earlier. The AFROTC website has the details for scholarships.
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    You should start the application between your junior and senior year in hs and finish it as soon as you can. There are advantages to having a complete application early.
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    I suggest you go to
    Here is the link:

    That site will walk you through the entire process.

    There maybe a time that an issue comes up that is not on their FAQ, and we may be able to assist, but for right now, it is best you go to that site and investigate the information they have provided.

    A few things that you should pay attention to which is kind of gray on their site is:
    1. SAT/ACT is best sitting it is not superscored.
    The avg SAT ranges from 1278 to 1435 best sitting depending on the type.

    2. Scholarship will not protect you or count for points for the SFT board.
    If not selected you may be dis-enrolled. If you can only afford the college with the AFROTC scholarship make sure you have a Plan B in place if not selected as a C200.

    3. DoDMERB
    If you convert a type 7 four yr to type 2 3 yr., your exam may not be valid for contracting. This is more common with candidates that apply for SA as plan A.
    If you know you have a medical issue, use this yr to get in front of it. This site has a DoDMERB forum, post your question there. Typically the biggies are asthma, vision and allergies.

    4. Understanding the commitment.
    It is more than most applicants realize. They think it is PT and LLAB, they don't realize that as cadets you will be assigned a job within the det. That job will take away from your academic studies.
    Yes, 2.5 is the min cgpa, but for SFT even techs are carrying a 3.0-3.1 cgpa, non-techs they are in the 3.4 range. That cgpa is only 3 semesters...pull a 2.7 1st semester and you will be behind the 8 ball big time for SFT.

    Good luck

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