Applying to West Point as a college freshman.

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    I am currently a freshman in college. I want to apply to West Point but I am not sure about the process as a college student. I understand that it is similar in that I will apply to be a first-year but how will I undergo the process of application to West Point?

    I am in my school's rotc program, have taken the ACT (29), played high school football, etc.
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    Have you read USMA’s website, specifically the part about applying as a college student? It’s been a while since I’ve been on the site, but I do recall that it’s a font of valuable information, outlining what you must submit, how you must submit it, when you must submit it, and so forth. In fact, I recall that it provides a simple seven-step plan, with bullet-point lists, links and tips. There’s even FAQs, including at least one that addresses college applicants.

    My guess is that the site is a much more reliable source of details and deadlines than anonymous posters on this forum (as reliable as SAF might be on other topics). If you're having trouble finding the website, try Or go into Google and type “how to apply to West Point as a college student.” The USMA website is the first thing that pops up.
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    They redid/undid the entire website last year, a lot of pages that were there before aren't there anymore. That appears to be one of them.

    for all intents and purposes you're applying as a high school senior. None of your credits will transfer, although you'll have the opportunity to validate courses you've already taken. If I remember correctly your PMS can write a recommendation but that's about as much as your process will differ. You can go ahead and start an application @ to get a candidate dashboard and see exactly what you need.
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    The process is not all that different than for a high school senior. You still need to get a nomination, pass the medical physical, and do well on the fitness test. One difference difference is you will have to get recommendations from college professors, which depending on the size of the school, may be people that do not know you as well as your high school teachers did. So step one is you need to get to know your professors by going to office hours and chatting them up after class. Step 2 is to retake the ACT until you are out of time or get a 36. Your biggest problem is there is little you can do to improve your high school record, so the ACT score is one of the few things you can improve that has a large impact on the whole candidate score. Finally, you probably have already registered for classes, but if you have not they should mirror the West Point freshman year classes and you need to do well.