Appointment for son!

awesome! same here! what's his stroke? if he happened to be on the september 20ish recruiting trip, i might have saw him
He went later than you did Harrison, so you would not have met him...yet :wink: Sent you a PM
You guys will get to meet the day before R day at the swim/dive team picnic! It's a great chance to see who is on the team before the first practice. Parents also get to do a little bonding. We are still in touch w/ some parents we met that day...expect that we will be life-long friends, actually! You will also have the chance to meet other cadet candidates at the receptions for your various MOCs and your local parents club will have a send off in June.
That is really awesome. I would love to meet the coaches, swimmers, parents. I didn't think about the possibility of MOC or parent group get togethers - hope those things occur in our area :shake:
I think everyone does those get's a great PR opportunity for the MOC's. Ours were all in June. Remember, some cadets won't get appt til May! So, they are as late as possible. Parents club send off was about 2 weeks prior to R day.
swim question

My son's appointment arrived on Saturday -- he couldn't wait for the portal to change, so he mailed the postcard (mailman was pretty excited too!). Anyway, does anyone know minimum times for freshmen (plebes) to walk on the swim team? Son is a swimmer but hasn't trained as much the past two years (only swimming fall/high school but not spring/summer) and so has a few USA A/AA times (free). He's thinking of contacting coach, but doesn't want to take up his time if there's no chance. If none, then he may try rugby or waterpolo.
Coach Wender is a very nice guy; do not fear contacting him!! He will be honest w/ your son and his chances. If nothing else, the tryout will give him a great athletic outlet during beast. PM me if you have more questions about the swim/dive team.