Appointment Question?


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Feb 13, 2007
I know this young man who received a USMMA appointment about a month ago. The appointment came in a blue folder complete with Appointment Congrats Certificate and standard agreement to accept or turn down appointment, that states that he has until May 1 to decide. Yesterday he received another blue folder in the mail with another Appointment Certificate only more formal looking, signed by MMA Superintendent. An instruction was inside that this second Appointment certificate should be given at a awards ceremony. My question is why was a second Appointment folder sent? He never signed anything yet, and has other offers that he is yet to think about (CGA). Or is this normal procedure?
No worries Bearbit. Its just the normal formal paper work that is sent out to all. Good luck to your young man. If he decides to accept USMMA, the next thing they'll send is an official permit to report package. If CGA is his true goal, I wish him the very very best. He can't go wrong at either academy! My USMMA kid is hopeful on going Coast Guard upon graduation so I'm kinda partial to Coastie kids. :shake:
I beleive that the 2nd signed folder id to be given either to your High School or MMA Rep. to be formally award to that individual. Most likely seniors award night!:thumb:
State flag

I understand each plebe is to bring a flag from their state with them. Can anyone tell me if this is accurate, and if so how big should the flag be??

Mids standing here breathing down my neck say they have a 3 x 5 flag. Most states give the incoming kids state flags at the welcoming picnic if your state holds one. If not, contact your state rep who can obtain one for your Plebe to be. If anyone should want a couple of Mids, they are free to come to your house & eat all of your food and throw clothes all over. :thumb:
Feel free to use JM's avatar as your state flag :biggrin: BTW JM how do you like mine? ha ha
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Ha ha that could get dicey. That of course is ds and dd, the now and future cadets.
Value Of Education?

Can anyone tell me what the $$ amount is for a 4 year at USMMA? At the senior awards night that is one thing they say...yada yada yada received $XXX scholarship to "name that school!" Any ideas??
"An appointment to the academy is the equivalent of a scholarship worth approximately $185,000 over the four year period".

A sentence from the actual letter that the academy sends for use in awards ceremonies. You should receive one of these soon & if not, just call the academy and ask them to send you the awards presentation package.
Thanks. So far we've received the LOA, then the full appointment certificate, and recently the invite to the open house on 4/16 (which we can't attend, but alex's has been there for a visit already). In the recent letter they said orders would come for reporting and also the Logging In book. guess all is proceeding to plan..........but to fast for mom!
Although not a required item, it will be on the list for your child to bring during Indoc or to send one soon after. They hang the flags outside their doors & some kids, depending on how they get assigned, will possibly carry them during the beat retreat at parent's week-end/acceptance day. Some kid's carried American flags. Contact your son's nominating source to ask for a flag or your state's parent's assoc. as some give the flags when they welcome you aboard, usually at a summer picnic.