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    Appointment and Graduation are the two numbers that are commonly reported. I heard Supe/Dant brief a couple months ago that something like 10-11 left during Plebe Summer. (That is an incredibly low number, almost unbelievable to us old timers). Beyond that, there is probably no official tally, as it is a moving target. There are a handful that leave during the course of the first couple years, perhaps a small jump at the end of 3rd Class year as 2 for 7 approaches (I would be curious how many leave at that point), and then pretty steady through graduation (perhaps a handful of Ac Board, Conduct and Honor departures).

    The main point during the Supe /Dant briefs is that the emphasis is on retention. The quality of the incoming Class is high, and everyone appointed has ability to make it through. I think overall attrition rates are in the in 10-15% range (as opposed to 30% range 20-30 years ago).
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    Adding to @Old Navy BGO, the Supe said on I-Day that the goal is to graduate at least 1000 of the 1200 in the Class of 2022. That’s a 17% attrition rate.

    I’m guessing the dozen or so who left during Plebe Summer really didn’t want to be there to begin with. There was pressure on them to be there and they took it as far as they could before taking control of their own fate. My DD had a shipmate who went to Tango midway through the summer, but she said he was chit surfing from the start. Clearly didn’t want to be there. It was too bad, for him and all involved.
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    As the saying goes $h!t Happens. Have a back up plan in place. Watch the State Farm commercials to motivate you there is always a chance of Mayhem rising up. Be prepared. Have a plan A, B, C, D etc.
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    CONGRATULATIONS ! I am just waiting for the nomination with the LOA email :)
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    Please head on over to this year’s appointment thread and follow the directions to add your name to the list (copy last good list, create new post, paste, add your name and info in format, post). You’ve earned your spot on the list, and the data string shows how the appointment flow is going for those who will be twisting in the wind yet awhile.

    @Joeman you too!

    USNA Class of 2023 Do-It-Yourself Appointment Thread
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    My DS said that ten (10) of them didn't make it through Plebe Summer. With the two (2) from I-Day, a dozen isn't bad at all.
    So class of 2022 is down to 1,199. With the 4,400 maximum mandate - that leaves 3,201 upperclass - which is still 1,067 per class.

    Each Fall, a couple of Mids come back and fail their PRT for their last try and are shown the door. Some come back from Summer Cruises (and the shenanigans and hearings that ensue), and are shown the door. Some decide not to sign 2 for 7 papers and are shown the door. Some even become un-commissionable because of medical issues that arose during their tenure there, and are shown the door. The attrition happens and they plan for it.

    I'm sure that complex algorithms are in place here, that try to predict how many officers they'll need, even 20 years into the future. This is why (I'm guessing) that the incoming class sizes change so much from year to year.