Appointments by state?

Oct 16, 2018
I understand that appointments will continue from now until May 1, but is there any order to when appointments are released based on state? I have just noticed on the appointment thread that certain states seem to have a good number of appointments while others, quite noticeably, have very few or none at all. I suppose this may just be happenstance but wondered if there is anything to it.
Remember, you are only seeing (on the service academy forum website) a portion (some estimates are approximately 10%) of the actual appointments.
There is no rhyme or reason. Do not waste energy attempting to figure out something like this. There is no: by state, by first initial of last name, by SSN, or by dog’s name. There is no set time of day when notifications will be made. I understand that the wait, especially at this point, is difficult, and entertain yourselves like this if you wish. But if you are at all familiar with the military, you will not spend one iota of time trying to figure out why they do what they do!
In order to receive an appointment you must have a nomination. Some Senators and Congressmen make their determination earlier than others. This would mean that some Candidates are able to complete their application sooner than others and therefore, receive an appointment sooner.