April Fools anyone?


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Nov 25, 2007
Did anyone commit an April Fools prank today?

I did.

I have two housemates, one is a LTJG from my sister ship and one is an ENS from my ship. My shipmate had eye surgery a few weeks ago. Throughout our normal exchange I see him using eye drops alot and have heard he talk about his eye sight being very good and then getting a little blurry now and then...all of which is normal at this stage. He had the work done at Bathesda.

During the workday I called the quarterdeck, the watchstander was a PO3 from one of my divisions, and I let him in on what I was doing.

I was Dr. Oglethorpe, from Bathesda, calling to check up on the Ensign.

Well, my good shipmate wasn't in his stateroom or the mess deck, or the wardroom, so I had my PO3 pipe him to pick up a call at extension ###. This would clearly let him know that the call from coming from an outside line.

The general convo went as follows:

ENS: Hello, this is ENS X.

Dr. O: ENS X, this is Dr. Oglethorpe from down in Bathesda, I was just following up with your eye surgery. I see it was down a few weeks ago, are you having any problems at this point?

ENS: Dr. who, I'm sorry I couldn't hear you.

Dr. O: This is Dr. Oglethorpe, from Bathesda.

ENS: Oh Doctor, thank you, yes, I had my surgery last month and I am scheduled to come in to have it checked out soon. Feels good though.

Dr. O: Have you been experiencing any drying of the eyes?

ENS: Well sir, I've been using the eye drops, but sometimes the do dry out. Also, can I ask you a question? I wake up in the morning and I feel good and I can see perfectly fine, but sometimes, a couple of hours later it is a little foggy. Is that normal.

Dr. O: That's what I was afraid of, and this is why I'm calling you. We believe the materials we used may have been contaminated. We've been working on testing past patients for a potentially serious reaction. Can you come down to Bathesda tomorrow morning?

ENS: Wait......what? I'm in XXXX, NJ.

Dr. O: Is that near Trenton, I'm not familiar with that area?

ENS: I don't understand, what went wrong? Can I call you back, I need to head up to my room?

Dr O: I'll call you back, I need to continue to inform some more patients. Can I call you back in 15 mins.


ENS: Wait, hold on, is this "LITS"?

Dr. O: aka LITS: April fools!!!

I felt a little bad, and made sure he was ok...he really bought it, and he set himself up with the dialogue. Maybe a little too far, but it was good.
No jokes here, but a power transformer blew up in front of our school this morning so they had to let us out at 930! We all thought it was a joke, maybe that counts.

(No power, no ovens, no lunch food)
I fall for this EVERY year!!!!

My son does this EVERY year and you'd think I'd learn!!! He takes a rubber-band and puts it around the little handle of the handheld squirter in the kitchen sink, then he puts a dishcloth over it so you don't see it but it's facing forward so as soon as you turn on the water, YOU GET SOAKED!!!

So.....this morning I go straight to the sink to wash my hands to make school lunches and get drenched!! I scream at son who's laughing hysterically then I go upstairs to change my shirt. (It seriously got drenched)...while I'm up there he rigs it all up AGAIN and I'm telling you I must be getting old because I turned the water on again and got drenched AGAIN not even 5 minutes later!!!!!!!!!! By now son is rolling in the floor laughing!

This time I hit son up-side the head and swore that I'll be looking out for this prank next year!! (but I'll forget!)

Then he did something to my laptop so every time I pressed the "e" key it would type a "q" then the CD drawer would pop open! I did it about 10 times before I realized that he must have done something! I had to wait till he got home from school to get to the bottom of it! I really thought my laptop was crashing or something. He's such a prankster and he LOVES this day!
I forgot it was april 1st,

but my little sister didn't

she encased my mom's toothbrush in a chunk of ice

of course though, I was the one yelled at because my mom thought it was me....

I have to give her credit, it did sound like something I would do...
I forgot it was april 1st,

but my little sister didn't

she encased my mom's toothbrush in a chunk of ice

of course though, I was the one yelled at because my mom thought it was me....

I have to give her credit, it did sound like something I would do...

that is awesome! :thumb:

I'm so stealing it lol!!! :shake:
April Fools

I didn't pull a prank but my son thought I did.

He left for school this morning and as he was walking out the door I said, "Hey, it's April you should be hearing about your waiver sometime soon." Then I said, " Oh yeah, it's April Fools Day. Don't let anyone fool you today."

The house was quiet because everybody had left but me so I decided to check DoDMERB for him. I thought, "It never changes, I know I am just wasting time." Sure enough it says, "waiver granted." (This is a color vision deficiency waiver from USNA and very few are given. We weren't sure if it would come through but his thoughts were that all he needed was one.)

Anyway, I have to reread it about three times to let it sink in then I am screaming "Oh my gosh, I can't believe it, I can't believe it!" (jumping up and down screaming outloud in my p.j.'s) then it sets in, he will never believe me. I am laughing outloud now as I text him. He replies, "Yeah right, your kidding." I say, "I wouldn't joke about this." He still didn't believe me. I copied the page and drove to the school and made the counselor pull him out of class. He was smiling from ear to ear and I even got a big hug!

He wanted the copy to keep for proof to his friends.

Great day in our house! :shake::yllol::yay::yay::yay:
My original prank had to do with my drafting a report for destruction (something you have to do for destruction of govt. property.) The report I created was for the destruction of my ship, with a value of over $20,000,000.00. I ended up not routing it through my chain of command, but the captain liked the idea.

Along the same lines as the previous poster...

It is currently transfer season for the US Coast Guard...a time when many people of different ranks are set to transfer to a new unit. I am also set to transfer this summer, probably in June, and should find out where I'm going in a week or two. Of the four LTJGs on my ship and one LT, only myself and the LT have yet to find out where we're going. We had a discussion today basically coming to the conclusion that April Fools Day is probably a day the detailers DO NOT call personnel transfering. I know I would have second guessed anyone calling for me today. Of course, it still hasn't happened. Every call I get for an external phone line gets my heart beating.

Good news is, if I am stationed at HQ, I have a place I can rent in Old Town Alexandria, which as I understand it, is a great area to be in.
Congrats to your son, JP@89!

That is an awesome story that made me get teary-eyed! I bet he'll look at April 1st differently from now on! :thumb:
I am chiming in with flymom, jp@89! Doesn't this waiver mean that the USNA is a reality now!? Many congratulations! :thumb:

Sorry, no April Fool's stories to add...but I am loving everyone else's!
Not Funny!

My D who is heading to AU in the fall with a 4 year ROTC scholarship is currently playing Lacrosse in HS. She called us right after practice on Tuesday crying hysterically, announcing she broke her ankle.... You parents can just imagine what went through my head:eek: "How did you do that?"--I ask in total shock..."I slipped in the mud" was her answer. "The ambulance just arrived they are taking me to xxx hospital". Like a robot I told her I was leaving right away, first i wanted to talk to her coach though... APRIL'S FOOL!!! I wanted to chocke the little darling:unhappy:
The toothbrush joke sounds a lot better:wink: