April is a great month!

Anyone's DoDMERB Admission status for the academy change yet?
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Mine hasn't changed and still no letter saying yes or no.

I wish they would tell me yes or no so I can start planning the rest of my life :cool:
Good luck to everyone!
Stay Stong (as you approach to take your mail)!
Good luck to everyone. I have to go work a lacrosse tournament until 11.. I don't know how I am going to focus. Let us know as you guys find out. Best of luck

I have the feeling we will be hearing some news today and we are hoping that is good news for us and for everyone here who has been so patient. Just remember that whatever the news, you kids are still the same talented, intelligent, generous, committed and honorable citizens you were yesterday. The world has many opportunities for people such as yourself! USNA is one opportunity among many for you.
Best wishes to all of you and God bless you!
Nothing in the mail today! GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I swear im going to go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!
the same...
this is weird
All we can hope now is Monday.
im from i guess like central jersey, exit 105 on the parkway. right in the middle of the state but on the coast. what part of south jersey are you from?
We are from Northern New Jersey last exit North exit 169 on Garden State Parkway. Our mail comes in a few minutes!!!
ive been up there a few times i take 153 to get to mountain creek. hope you get some good news today, let us know!
Nothing here in Northern New Jersey!! This is really wierd. How much longer?
In NH, the TWE came today but it was a wait-list letter (mailed on 4/8 but arrived on 4/11 in New Hampshire). It says that the Admissions Board will be able to review his file for consideration for an appointment around the middle of May. The letter goes on to say that the earliest he will hear is the third week in May, and the latest may be mid-June. I-Day is 7/1.

Students who are wait-listed are not assigned a specific rank.

He was asked to send another transcript and to forward any further award/honors information. Visits will not affect their decision.

We will submit a housing deposit to his NROTC school by 5/1. We can now catch up on some sleep until mid-May. I wish the very best of luck to those still waiting to hear!
That seems to match up with the email my daughter received on Thursday about reviewing files in May. So I'll bet ours will be here Monday or Tuesday.