Armed Services and Academy Holiday Performances

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Each year the Services' and/or Academies' Bands and Choirs put on some amazing performances for the Holidays. I'd like to start a thread and ask for others to help me find and post the links when they become available. I will start it off with this masterful performance from the USNA Band for their Thanksgiving tribute performing a favorite Hymn . . .

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@Falcon A from photos to music, your posts are very entertaining and motivational. Thank you.

I spent a period of time on limited duty and after recovering enough from getting my knee rebuilt, I was assigned to do sick call at the Washington Navy Yard. Most of my patients were the professional musicians from the Navy Band across from the clinic, the Navy Honor Guard, the musicians from the President's Own, and the 8th and I Marines. The Marines are 0311s whose primary mission is the defense of Washington. They of course are also quite exceptional at their silent drill team and burial duties.

As a bunch of you here know, the Navy and Marine Corps musicians from those two locations are truly professionals. One morning a Musician First Class presented with a sore throat, malaise, non-productive cough and a stuffy nose. She had a cold. I prescribed her the usual stuff and told her to take the rest of the day off if she could and offered an SIQ chit. She said she needed a "no singing chit." Huh? She was scheduled to sing the national anthem at a ceremony that afternoon and didn't feel she could do it. I wrote my first and only no singing chit and she went on her way.

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Search in YouTube using “USNA Glee Club Messiah.” Years and year of performances going back decades. They bring in professional artists for the major solo parts. In the Navy Chapel, it’s a wonderful musical experience in a lovely setting. Professionally lit and sound engineered, it’s worth going at least once. We typically go every other year or so. DH has fond memories of those performances. Long hours on the feet, but a memory to treasure. The Goucher College and Hood College women’s choruses used to come augment, but the Women’s Glee Club has been large enough for many years now to swing the parts.

The MPT (Maryland Public Television) show from a few years ago has excellent production values, if you can find it.

Here’s just a taste, a clip with the Hallelujah Chorus. If you’re there in the pews, the sound just fills you up
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At DD's wedding at the USNA Chapel her Cousin sang Ave Maria. She had to audition in the lower Chapel for the music director before the ceremony. She is an Opera Student so it went well. Women running the weddings that day said she could get paid to sing. Awesome Service. Do a chapel service at least once and an O Club brunch.