Army - 2020 Fall FTX

I heard Citadel freshmen are staying on campus for FTX while upper-classmen are still going to Ft. Jackson.
Anybody know why this is?
My guess is that this is due to the logistical impacts of COVID.
We just had ours this past weekend off campus at a local base. All classes were there.
Think my DS is on track for Oct 16th at nearby base. If it were 2 weeks later, hopefully they would have allowed them to get creative with masks. 🎃
My friend at the Citadel says that everything the AROTC do there is slack...when it is supposed to be one of the elite battalions...
Said that the teachers cant get the zoom instructional part to work, the upper classmen cadre dont care to help, PT to contract was a month late, lab classes are just going thru the motions with no real instructions....and now FTX is not off-campus off everybody.
Yeah, I am a freshman at The Citadel. Our FTX for freshman and sophomores are staying here at The Citadel. We are doing a 6 mile ruck march, grenade assault course, obstacle course, M4 weapons familiarization, and ACFT prep. I still have not contracted yet as they are still working on my paperwork even though I had passed my PT test and DoDMERB. We haven't really done much in our labs. We did first aid, pt test practice, and how to pack a ruck.