Army Navy Game

Yeah USNA69, that's what I thought. Hey, you guys desrve that trophy this year-- no question about it.
This discussion has been kind of quiet lately. You Army fans given up? Navy's new sophmore quarterback is looking good. He is running the option really well and can also pass. He was 7-9 Saturday with 175 yards and also ran for three touchdowns. Navy scored 7 points on each of their seven possessions. The punter hasn't been on the field in the last two games. Navy's only problem, I would think, might be overconfidence.

They will also be playing in the Meineke Car Care Bowl on Dec 30 in Charlotte. Tickets are on sale now at the NAAA Ticket Office. 1-800-US4-NAVY. Why don't you woops come on down and see some real football?

There were also some SRO Army-Navy tickets available this week through Tickettron.
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Just_A_Mom said:
I still think Army is due for a win, Navy due for a loss on December 2nd.


i'm just made my day. :yllol:
As painful as it may be I am going to have to retain my loyalty to Army.
First - no one will ever accuse me of being a "fair-weather" fan.
Second - The US Army wants my daughter. No such offer from Navy.

So here we go - cheering on the Black Knights.

It's ok though - as a lifelong Red Sox fan, I can handle it!

I still think Army is due for a Win and Navy is due for a loss and it would be fabulous if that was on Dec 2nd!