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    I'd like to thank all those who replied to our first concern at "Application Timeline, Appears we are too Late?". You all have been awesome and patient with us. I hope soon we'll have enough experience of this process that we may start lending advice to Newbie parents and candidates here.
    This may be a question for our Military Adviser (Army ROTC) who we are going to see this Friday at one of the universities our daughter wants to attend, but for now I thought I'd ask here.
    During the online application process under the "Military Information" tab there are two questions regarding the application being submitted to USMA and the various Military Junior Colleges around the nation in addition to the ROTC application board. Frankly our daughter would love either in addition to the standard ROTC possibilities in our state and private universities.

    My question is this:
    1. If she enters "Yes" to have her application shared with USMA, do we need to submit an additional application to USMA again, or anyway?
    2. If she enters "Yes" to have her application shared with the Military Junior Colleges, does she need to choose those colleges in her school choices drop down menu at that portion of the Army ROTC online application, or can she choose the local universities in our state, and will the application be submitted to the "ECP" program automatically in addition?
    I have submitted an attachment below, we appreciate any advise on this, and thank you!


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