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    Hey Guys! I just emailed in my Fitness test scores to CC which means my application is done! And now I'm letting my imagination get the best of me, and I'm starting to panic. I just wanted to get some opinions from this forum as to what my chances would be for receiving the scholarship. I've done a lot of research on other threads similar to this one so I will do my best to give all the necessary information. Thank you for any opinions!

    HS Senior
    -GPA: 3.1 uw/ 3.3 w (probably the thing that will hurt me the most)
    -SAT: 1900 composite (1250 combined)
    -ACT: 26 (Worse than my SATs, only took it once)
    -5 Varsity Letters (Crew (Rowing) and Marching Band (which is considered a sport at my school))
    -I was a section leader in 11th grade for Marching Band and a Band Manager as well
    -I was heavily involved with my Boy Scout troop, where I was an assistant patrol leader as well as an instructor.
    -Licensed Open Water Scuba Diver
    -Licensed Ham Radio Operator- Technician Class
    -Looking at a Political Science Major
    -6'8" 220 and passed the Fitness test comfortably

    I am looking at the following schools, listed in the order I put for the school(s) of intent page on the application:

    Norwich (Accepted and given a $17,000 merit scholarship)
    College of Charleston
    University of South Carolina
    The Citadel (Accepted)
    James Madison University

    I know a lot of the factors that go into whether or not you receive the scholarship hinges on what institution you are applying to is. I was hoping I would be able to get a scholarship to Norwich (considering that they get a lot of them). I do extremely well meeting face to face in interview and I think I did pretty well for this interview.

    Again, any opinions are welcome!
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    Most everyone here will tell you there is no crystal ball that can predict your chances of receiving a scholarship.

    Your SAT are certainly in the range.

    Your GPA probably kept you from max points on your interview, the first page of the interview is basically fill in the blanks, the second page has more to do with the impression you make on the PMS. They also look heavily at your class ranking, if you are ranked in the top 15% of your class then the GPA will not be as much of a factor since they will assume your school is a strong academic school.

    The varsity letters in crew will be good, the Marching Band will be listed in the EC's section for the review board not as a sport, Band does help though.

    Your participation in scouts will be good, did you earn Eagle Scout, that is what would give you the most towards leadership. Section leader will help as well. Were you team captain for your crew team? Did you have any other leadership positions. The leadership you listed is average, they may be looking for more.

    You have some good EC's such as Scuba and Ham Radio.

    Even Norwich has seen a decline in scholarships recently. The competition was tough last year and is tougher this year. There is a push by Cadet Command that is resulting in a higher number of scholarships being awarded to public in state schools. It has been posted by a ROO here that they will be giving 80% of the scholarships to public schools this year.

    With all this being said there is still no way to tell who will be offered a scholarship this year. The best you can do is wait it out. The other thing you should do is keep in contact with your No. 1 school during the process. Talk to them about a Plan B and end even a Plan C should you not receive a scholarship. There are many ways you can achieve your goals, a scholarship is only one option. There is tuition assistance through other Army programs that the ROO's can explain to you, always a good thing to have a back up plan, just ask many of the applicants from last year that did not receive a scholarship but found other options and are now enjoying their first year of college and ROTC.

    Good luck to you.
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    Nothing to add to jcleppe's excellent comments from an assessment point of view. One might assume that Norwich is your plan B. I might further assume you live in SC given the schools you listed. But if you don't live in SC, I know the Gamecock NROTC unit grants scholarships to out of state students which brings tuition to nearly in state tuition. I don't know if the other Gamecock ROTC units do the same, but it would certainly be worth asking if that might influence your plan B decision.

    DS is NROTC MO in the Gamecock battalion. If you have any questios about the school PM me and I'll hook you up. Of course he will probably try to convince you to go Navy, but I'm sure he could answer any questions you have about the school itself and perhaps put you in touch with an AROTC cadet as well.

    Hope all your dreams come true. :thumb:
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    And oh yeah! Why wasn't VA Tech on your list since you seem to be a Senior Military College type person? :biggrin:

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