Army ROTC Scholarship Chances


May 23, 2017
I am currently finishing my Junior year in High School and I am going to apply for the AROTC scholarship in the summer. I will enroll in an Army ROTC program in college whether I have received a scholarship or not, but I would like to have a general idea of my chances of receiving one. I currently have a 3.7 unweighted GPA and a 3.9 weighted GPA. My school does not offer AP classes because it is dual enrollment college prep high school, so instead I have taken four community college classes (Spanish 1, English 121, English 122, and Accounting 121) and I will take 7 more in my senior year. I have only taken the SAT and I received a score of 1210/1600 (590 Math and 620 Reading/Writing). I will be retaking it June 3rd because I am quite certain I can raise that score. I have 3 Varsity letters in football and in my sophomore year I received the award for the Most Improved Player. I am in Student Council at my school and Teen Leadership Council at my church. I have worked for my dad's painting company, worked for a landscaping company in winters doing snow removal, and I am currently employed as a custodian at a church (15-20 hours a week) as of early November. I have been heavily involved in music, playing the piano since I was very young and also playing in Middle School and High School bands (playing Trombone and Baritone). I also have 150+ hours of community service and volunteer work. I have led teams painting over graffiti covered businesses, I went on a missions trip to Brazil, played piano at nursing homes, retirement homes, and hospitals, and will help homeless teens and young adults this summer for a week long mission trip, among many other volunteer activities I have been involved in. One thing that I think will hurt my chances is that I missed my opportunities to be in NHS. I am sure I would have been accepted after applying, but I missed my opportunities to apply because I was taking most of my classes at Pikes Peak Community College and not at the high school itself. My PFT score is 36 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, and a 6:54 mile.
You have a shot. SAT scores and PFT score could be better. Getting a Captain role next year in football and an Pfficer, if not President, of student council would be helpful. Demonstrating leadership is important, Good luck!
Definitely apply, you are competitive, however, as said before, many competitive candidates do not receive a schoakrship, so take the time you have to do exactly what has been mentioned, improve your score and PFT. It is a whole person score and many things come into play. It also changes slightly over the years so best to get some people in your corner that can help advise you. If you have not already visit some of your schools and make an appointment to visit ROTC, well worth it! Also, you cannot be awarded one unless you apply. Good luck