Army School Slots at Large ROTC Programs/SMCs

May 1, 2022
Does anyone know how hard it is to get a slot at air assault or airborne school for kids at the larger programs? I thought when we dropped our son off at Norwich last year a cadet we spoke to said they had a few slots to each school. Is it super competitive like it sounds?
Well, keep in mind that although some schools have large programs most of these slots likely go to contracted cadets. And just that alone cuts the size of the pool in half or more.

Yes I'm sure it's competitive. But also keep in mind there are MANY summer training opportunities in the Army from Airborne and Mountain Warfare and Air Assault to Project GO, survival school and all manner of internships.

I figure the odds of a highly motivated Cadet having a cool opportunity or Teo over the course of a 4-year college career are pretty high.