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    As another contingency plan if I do not receive an AROTC scholarship, I was considering the Army's Simultaneous Membership Program. However, I can't seem to find any solid information on what it offers and what it entails (like basic and AIT?). Is there an application process? I asked one scholarship enrollment officer but he knew nothing about it. From what I understand, I would be enlisted in the guard while in a college's ROTC program. I also remember reading somewhere that I would receive E-5 drill pay along with GI bill benefits. Can anyone clarify?

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    You can do a search through this forum, there are a lot of threads that talk about SMP.

    Your correct, you would enlist in the Reserves/National Guard. You would start ROTC as a freshman MS1. You would be eligible to contract the beginning of your sophomore year. One thing to remember is that you are not guaranteed a contract, you will compete with other SMP, non scholarship, and 3year AD scholarship cadets for the contract slots.

    A SMP cadet it is not required to complete BCT or AIT, however to receive the GI Bill and the Kicker you would need to complete both BCT and AIT.

    There is a GRFD scholarship available but if you accept you will be required to complete your service obligation in the Reserves/National Guard. If you do not take the scholarship you would be able to compete for Active Duty providing you contract.

    You receive tuition assistance and drill pay as a SMP, you would receive the stipend once you contract.

    That is just some of the basics, others will fill in the blanks.
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    Jcleppe is right. Seems about a year ago, either Marist or Clarkson Army had really good, accurate information for SMP. You could also PM Ohio2015Parent, as I think she looked into this last spring for her DS. It may have been in the midst of the PAGES of the March AROTC thread, but I can't remember for sure. Not sure if her DS went that route, but I know she was part of the thread.
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    You need to contact a recruiter for the National Guard or Army Reserves near your campus(traveling to drill you probably want your unit assignment to be closer to school than home). The level of tuitiion assistance varies by state, in Ohio DS receives full instate tuition and fees, some states will only have the Federal Tuition Assistance which is I believe around 4,500.00 a year.

    Think very carefully about this decision, my DS has had a few moments of regret since joining the Guard last June. For instance, he has drill the weekend of his girlfriend's senior prom -- guess who won't be taking her....He does have to complete BCT since he joined right after high school graduation in order to secure tuition assistance for the first grading period of college. He will have NO summer break this year, classes finish 6/9 - he leaves 6/13 and gets back the weekend he needs to move back into the dorm. This is a tough schedule to live.

    He is also in a competitive situation for contracts in the fall. His school saw a significant decrease in their available number of contracts so now roughly 30-35 cadets are fighting for 16 contracts. The cadre has put in place an internal OML(order of merit list)comprised of the same rankings used for the final OML all cadets are stacked into after LDAC(GPA, APFT and misc. ECs and other catagories). This isn't a game and not contracting can leave these cadets serving out their Guard/Reserve obligation without becoming an officer - enlisted only. Also, without the ROTC contract you must complete AIT training too and thus become deployable even while in college(unlike the contracted ROTC cadet).

    My DS overall is still pleased with his choice to join the Ohio National Guard and he is waiting for the newest OML to post at school(he was 6 out of 16 last quarter so he is in good shape to contract next fall -- providing nothing happens to change everything all over again:wink:).

    Get in contact with a recruiter, find someone in your cadre who may know more about how SMP cadets currently at your school work within the program(ie, where do they drill? do they car pool or do you have your own transportation?)

    Good luck to you while waiting out the final board results. DS didn't know for sure what was going to happen until after graduation last spring so I know its difficult to still have some much up in the air this late in your senior year.

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