Army vs. Air Force


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Jun 9, 2006
Check this out! :rolleyes:

Times Herald-Record
October 31, 2006
West Point — Bomb doors will be closed and targeting sights off, but Air Force will still have the upper hand over West Point this week.

As Army and Air Force prepare to do gridiron battle Friday night, a historic football rivalry is materializing in the roar of aerial firepower.

"The intent is clearly to motivate and build esprit de corps in what, today, is definitely a joint force," said Maj. Joseph Hall, an Air Force graduate, B-2 pilot and tactical officer at the U.S. Military Academy. Hall has been helping to plan the daily flyovers since August.

"It's great that these cadets get to see these airplanes and be motivated by this," he said.

The week of airborne taunts commenced yesterday, with four F-15s from Otis Air National Guard Base on Cape Cod swooping over The Plain just before noon. Air Force flights will continue today, with a C-5 cargo plane from Stewart Air National Guard Base scheduled to buzz the academy at 11:57 a.m., weather permitting.

A KC-135 refueling tanker is slated to fill the airspace tomorrow, followed by a vintage B-52 on Thursday, and two A-10s and a B-2 "stealth" bomber Friday.

From planes to mascot theft, spirit-minded stunts are nothing new to pre-football game festivities. Air Force Academy spokesman Lt. John Ross said there are a handful of West Point cadets stationed at the Colorado officer training school, but so far, no retaliatory pranks.

"We're never sure what we can expect out of our visiting cadets," Ross said. "Nothing yet, but it's only Monday."

Pranks aside, there's little question of Air Force's superiority over Army in the skies. As Lt. Ross put it wryly, pre-game flyovers are "a good chance for us to show that Air Force planes are better than Army planes."

Army will get its due. Hall said a fleet of UH60 Black Hawks is scheduled to skim the tree line during an afternoon parade Friday at West Point.

On the field, differences are less distinct. Both service academy football teams have three wins this season, and both are looking to end a string of recent losses.

Army beat Air Force in Colorado last year; Air Force has won four straight at Michie Stadium.

"Although there may be a rivalry on the football field, that rivalry certainly doesn't exist in combat," Hall said. "It's all one team."

Sure. But don't expect Hall to be sitting on his hands come Friday. As for which cheering section he'll be in, Hall said that's a no-brainer.

"Air Force, unequivocally," he said.

The Falcons of Air Force take on the Army's Black Knights at 8 p.m. Friday at West Point.
This game was painful! I had to quit watching at halftime, I couldn’t take anymore. :bang:

After watching the Sept. 16th game with Texas A & M I thought Army was going to have a good season. Even though they lost, they fought until the end in that one.

Anybody have any ideas on what has happened?

I was there. my sister, dad and i came all the way from Colorado to see it. It was worth it, a 43-7 shellacking. we also toured west point and had an amazing time.
Welcome captainkirk. I suppose I could have tolerated the shellacking a little better if I had been at the game in person! :wink: I hope Army is better this year.