Army's Combat Leaders Prepare for New War

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by NorwichDad, Sep 11, 2014.

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    I think this article outlines some issues that are extremely important to my generation of officers and future officers, really any military serviceman(woman) at all. I'm 19 years old. 13 of the 19 years our country has been in conflict and war across the globe. Even with the war in Iraq over and the one in Afghanistan coming to a close, the world is still abundant with conflict and people who seek to disrupt and destroy our freedom. I fear we will not see an extended period of peace with the way things are brewing all over the globe.

    Lt. Gen. Flynn had it right with "This is about...removing the will power to do what they think they need to do." In modern warfare, the enemy is completely different. Their ways of waging war are different from any previous conflict and they are "adapting" and so we must as well. Another thing to keep in mind: they do not fear death and they will NOT compromise. You cannot win a war against that enemy. So the only answer is to defeat them, and completely.

    For those answering the call or plan to in the future, your service will not go without conflict. Your survivability and effectiveness as a serviceman and woman will be congruent to your efficiency AND ability to adapt. The way we fight in war now will be different even five years from now.

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    We have faced fanatics before. We will do so in the future.

    I fear sometimes people like to convince themselves that the conflict they face is completely new, and therefore old lessons don't apply. That simply is not true. Certain things change, but human nature hasn't noticeably changed in the past several thousand years.

    Yes, you need to adapt to the conditions you face, but part of that is learning the lessons that others before you learned. You won't live long enough to learn them all by yourself!
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    I'm about 99% sure you can't win a war with airpower alone. Yes, you can blow stuff up, sink battleships and make it very "un-fun".... but you can't win with that alone.

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