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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Libertador, Apr 27, 2014.

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    I was awarded a 4 year Army ROTC scholarship and a partial (3 Year Type 2) Air Force ROTC scholarship. I have accepted the Army offer. I had a minor kidney procedure a few months back, prognosis by any doctor or surgeon I've spoken to is a 100% normal healty future in regards to that particular par tof me. I received an initial DQ from Dodmerb which I somewhat expected. I sent in more medial records and soon after I was granted a waiver for AFROTC. For some reason those records were not immediately handed to the Army (But I know they have been no), so I am still pending waiver review there. I am aware that different branches have different medical standards and being granted a waiver by one doesn't make it a certainty I'll be granted a waiver by the other. In my case I think I am willing to take the risk that I will be approved and plan on attending the school I have accepted the offer to (even though I'm not sure how long that waiver process will take?). Does anyone have personal experience or advice from a similar situation they can share? Thanks.
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    You might have a better chance of getting an answer on the DoDMERB section of the forums.

    Good luck!

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