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    I received a letter from DodMERB which told me I did not meet their standards in vision. With the DodMERB website being out of commission, should I email this letter to the AROTC board or where? Other than getting qualified by DoDMERB, I pretty much had the scholarship so hopefully I can get the medical waiver from the ROTC. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    I would repost your question in the DodMERB section or just look for Larry Mullen's posts, get his email and go straight to the source. He has the answers for anything DodMERB. Good luck.
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    Your DODMERB results shouldn't impact your scholarship board process...two different animals, and I would hope they are kept seperate. Most applicants don't even start the DODMERB process until they get an offer. You don't need to send that letter to the board, and I would think you wouldn't want to taint your chances. If you have a condition that will obviously preclude you from serving (like blind in one eye) the right thing to do is remove your application from consideration, but I would guess you just have eyesight that is out of DODMERB standards, and that as long as you can get cleared by an Opthamologist that there are no underlying issues with your eyes the Cadet Command Surgeon will waiver your condition. If you are offered a scholarship I would suggest you talk to the ROO at the school you intend to accept the scholarship for, and make sure a waiver request goes forward. The waiver request should be automatic for scholarship applicants, but doesn't always happen, so always double check. It will be up to cadet Command whether they waive your condition or not. And Mr. Mullen is a good source for information...I'm guessing he is going to tell you something similar to what I just typed.

    Good luck.

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