AROTC at these colleges/universities?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Kevin23, Dec 23, 2009.

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    I am planning on transferring colleges/universities at the end of this academic year, and I would like to do Army ROTC. So therefore out of the perspective civilian institutions I want to transfer to, how are the AROTC programs at the following schools?

    George Mason Univeristy

    Dickinson College

    Gettysburg College(ROTC satellite school into Dickinson)

    Thank you,
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    Here is the link for George Mason -

    Dickinson - The Blue Mountain Battalion has been around for a long time. Several colleges participate including Gettysburg. You won't find many Gettysburg students in ROTC though.

    Your best bet would be to visit each battalion. Talk to cadets and the officers. If you have not taken an ROTC course you should get moving so you can get into LTC this summer.
    You might also want to consider SMP.
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    My son met with the PMS at Dickinson. It was a spontaneous meeting immediately following his admissions interview. Even though we had no appointment, the PMS and ROO met with us for nearly an hour. We were very impressed with both men and came away feeling great about the batallion.

    One thing we learned was that the Gettysburg unit may not be around much longer. Currently there are only 2 cadets there. If it does remain, it may move from the Dickinson battalion to another host school. (Not sure, but maybe they said Shippensburg.)

    My son received his scholarship news a few days before Christmas. Both Gettysburg and Dickinson are available to him. So, maybe that's a sign Gburg will be around for the short term at least. Wake Forest is his #1, so that's where he'll accept the scholarship. However, if WFU rejects him, we're hoping Son will choose Dickinson over Gburg due to it being host.

    Dickinson has some decent ROTC videos on YouTube. Check 'em out for a look at that batallion experience.
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    All fine schools - so, good luck. I just had to jump in here, since I'm a WFU grad. A fine, fine education which has stood me in good stead in the intervening years. I first got interested in joining the military when I dated a guy from the AROTC unit there. Next thing I know, I'm talking to the Navy officer recruiters and off I went to Navy OCS. I have to say, the ROTC building at WFU is far and away one of the best ROTC facilities I've seen; it's a newer, purpose-built building. Most ROTC units are stuck at the gym (makes sense) or in older buildings, based on what I've seen at the DC Metro area colleges and universities. Be prepared, if he goes WFU, for an immediate lifetime addiction to ACC hoops and pulled pork 'q.

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