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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by leapyear, Jan 4, 2011.

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    Would appreciate some help understanding one aspect of the AROTC scholarship. Have attempted a forum search but the answer still isn't clear to me. We realize that NROTC awards scholarships on the basis of tiers AND schools, and that AFROTC awards by type but recipient can go to any school. We also know that AROTC awards to a particular school, and as far as we can tell, by a "category" of majors (technical, generalist, etc.) If a student accepts an AROTC 4 yr scholarship and begins school as an engineering major, then joins the 80% of the other engineering majors by changing majors after the first year, does the student lose their scholarship? If their new major does not fall into the "technical" list, do they have to petition the army to change to a different "category?" If so, is it commonly granted? Thanks
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    My son started college as a Civil Engineering Major. He decided half way through his second semester to switch majors to History. He checked with the cadre and had to fill out a new 104R form to show he could finish school within the 4 years ( He had 4 1/2 years for the engineering major) There was no problem changing. To be clear though he did this in the spring semester of 2009, things may be different now, best to check with the cadre at the school he will be attending just to make sure.
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    I heard it's a pain in the rear to get out of engineering cause thats the highest in demand....
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    Clarksonarmy previously answered this question HERE

    ("have not seen a request to change majors denied yet, but...")
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    Just to elaborate on previous post...

    Believe me, we have plenty of cadets in this boat at Clarkson. I myself started as a chem major and ended up with a broadcast jounalism degree (but I wasn't scholarship). I think what we do is have the cadet fill out a 131r - Request for Cadet Action, and I think change of major is one of the choices on the form.

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