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    Hello all,

    My son received this on his file last Thursday that states:

    You have been offered an Army ROTC Scholarship. We must receive your acceptance/declination by the date in your letter or the offer will be withdrawn. Your name will be sent to DODMERB the day your winner letter is printed. There will be about 72 workweek hours prior to being able to see your name in the DODMERB system. If you have already had a DODMERB physical performed, Cadet Command will request that information from DODMERB. If you have not taken a DODMERB physical, Cadet Command will submit your information to DODMERB who will notify you to schedule a physical.

    We are so very happy with this and also to be a part of this forum.
    My question is: He received this almost a week ago and has not received a letter in the mail. When should we receive the letter so he can accept?
    Thank you all for this informative forum!!
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    Welcome to Serviceacademyforums, DartFrogLover!! And congratulations to your son receiving an AROTC scholarship!!!!!!!!!!

    I apologize for not seeing this earlier (I've been tied up at work). Yourr son should contact the AROTC ROO with whom your son interviewed immediately if you haven't already done so. Also, you or your son can contact Cadet Command as soon a possible. Finally, call the unit that your son is interested in joining.

    Bottom line, keep calling until someone picks up the phone!!!

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