AROTC, Now what?

Feb 6, 2017
I was awarded the four year AROTC scholarship, and I've completed the required medical exams. What comes next? When do I find out what ROTC classes I need to register for his fall? And lastly when will my school be informed that I've received the scholarship? Thanks for the help!
Your ROTC BN already knows that you have a scholarship offer, and will notify the school. You should contact the ROO at the ROTC program you will be joining in the Fall. He/She will let you know what class to register for. I am surprised you haven't heard from them already.
Not sure if it's changed much in the last 4 years but my DS had virtually no contact with his unit until about a week before school started to schedule his APFT. Maybe some info on classes but that is about it.
Your college may offer an orientation day and AROTC might host a booth or stack a separate meeting around this event.

Every battalion is different. As @MohawkArmyROTC said, reach out to the ROO.

In the meantime, congratulations and be sure to work on the APFT!
Contact your schools ROO! Be proactive, don't wait for them to contact you!! Your school will handle all your classes. Buy white socks, a good pair of running shoes and start practicing APFT! OH AND CONGRATULATIONS BC YOU JUST WON THE LOTTERY!! You ROCK!! Your going to have a ton of fun and do some exciting things!! You should be very proud of yourself!!