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    I'm a bit confused about how it is decided which college ROTC units you get assigned to if you win the scholarship. Are you assigned a specific school or are you given a choice of multiple schools? Does the specific college choose you or does ROTC divide up who goes where themselves? Thanks for any help.
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    With NROTC Marine Option, you are assigned a school (one of the five designated in your application).

    See the Visitor page on this site for helpful explanations and details:

    I have also tried to attach the pdf using the new process.
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    For AROTC, you can list up to 7 colleges on your application, and last year one had to be in-state public. If you receive a scholarship, you will be told which of your listed schools are eligible (not necessarily your top 3). You may be given the choice of 1-3 colleges for the scholarship. Don't forget that the application to apply to each college is separate and independent from the AROTC scholarship application. So if you list an Ivy League school as your #1 choice but have little chance of gaining admission to the college, then getting the AROTC scholarship to that school will mean that you will have to transfer it, which happens late-spring. Read the application instructions carefully re. how many/type of schools you should list. There's a drop down list of eligible schools/programs on the AROTC scholarship website.

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