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Aug 3, 2014
I just wanted to say thank you to all the moderators and posters on this site. My DS is doing great in his battalion and starts nursing school in two weeks! He is a hard worker and has made great friends in the ROTC program. The information that we were able to learn from this forum was so, so very useful. I was able to help him navigate the scholarship application process and counsel him through the difficult adjustment of being a first year cadet. After CIET, he came home saying he loves the Army. He even seemed to like his drill sergeants. His dad and I have no military experience so the information provided by experienced parents and . ..well whatever you all are, helped me help my DS in an informed way. I spent hours searching through these threads, looking for answers to our questions. Thank you all for the help! I wish the best to all of you future cadets, midshipmen and parents of cadets and midshipmen.