AROTC offer deadline


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Jul 5, 2008
I recently received a scholarship offer from AROTC at my first-choice college. :p
BUT I was given a deadline (late Feb) that conflicts with my chances for AFROTC, as I will not know if I have been awarded an AF scholarship until after that deadline. And I really want to keep my options open by considering both branches at the present.

Anyone know what to do? Can I have the deadline extended somehow...?
Any help is good help right now. :redface:
I was in the same predicament. I just ended up chosing the school I would go to if I received no other scholarships.
I'm not 100% positive, but I don't think accepting a scholarship from one branch precludes you from being awarded one from another branch. I know for a fact many students accept a ROTC scholarship and then turn it down for an academy appointment. I would imagine you could do the same between branches.
Go ahead and accept your AROTC scholarship if you want and are waiting for other offers. If you get an AFROTC scholarship and decide to accept it, you can then turn down the AROTC scholarship.
Ok then. Sounds good.
I know I'll need a bit of time to decide between the two, assuming I get the AFROTC. If I don't, no decision needed! :rolleyes: