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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by bjb2016, Jan 10, 2012.

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    Can you use the AROTC to pay for room and board instead of Tuition and Fees? How does it work? Do you just send your bill to the Army? How much does it cover? Thanks.
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    Different units handle it differently. My son gets a choice between room and board or tuition and fees. I know that GA Tech does it the same way.

    Room and Board are taxable income. Tuition and fees are not.
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    Yes you can elect to get paid room and board instead of tuition and fees. I cannot find a dollar amount cap. As cb7893 indicated, I think the cap varies with the school and would probably cover room and board for some reasonable double occupancy accommodation on campus. Some schools offer reduced room and board rates or even free room and board for ROTC students, but that's something the college does and has nothing to do with ROTC itself.
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    Room and Board

    Room and board policies vary widely among AROTC schools. If you search the Room and Board sticky above you can find lists posted by Singaporemom and Calimom indicating practices of individual schools. These lists date back a couple of years and I don't know if more recent ones have been posted. Also while they were fairly comprehensive I don't know if they were all inclusive
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    You can either elect to use the AROTC scholarship for tuition or room and board. There is an election form that gets filled out and it's for the calendar year.

    For room and board, the payment is capped at $10,000 per year. If its $10,001 then you are responsible for $1.00. The R&B is more of a reimbursement and in the fall semester is can be December prior to getting paid.

    The Cadet gives their ROTC HR person proof of dorm fees and payment and payment of a meal plan. If no meal plan is chosen, then it's a calculation of basically midway between the most expensive and the least expensive meal plan.

    If the Cadet lives off campus, they have a way to calculate what the typical rent would be. If you spend more than that you are on your own. You don't just get handed $5,000 per semester unless that is whatbthe determine is normal for the area.
    I can tell you that my son gets less than the $10,000 this year even though his apartment off campus is more than his dorm was last year. He ends up with a tad less than $9,000.

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