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    I want to premise this by apologizing for the whole "chances" post because i know this website sees it a lot lol. But all of you have been helpful in the past so I guess asking shouldn't hurt haha.
    Well here are my stats
    Junior Year just ended
    GPA UW: 3.4
    GPA W: 6.2 (idk thats how my school weights it)
    All IB classes
    6 AP classes (5 more in senior year)
    SAT: 1950 (Math + Writing = 1350) didnt study for the SAT this time :(
    ACT: 32
    Clubs : FBLA (state qualified), speech and debate, unicef, fantasy sportsm NHS
    Officer in clubs: music for healing (VP), Fantasy Sports (Secretary)
    Class Officer for Senior Year (Sergeant at Arms)
    Sports: Cricket, Cross Country (no letters bc they are very hard to get in my school)
    Volunteer: 300+ hours
    Local Temple Youth Leader

    Want to apply for all (Hoping most for ARTOC)
    Live in Florida and want to go to University of Florida)

    If i missed anything please tell me

    Thank you so much everyone
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    Let me start by saying that nobody here can tell you definitively whether or not you'll get a scholarship. That being said, it's "easier" to to get AROTC than the other branches, and purely based on your academic stats, I'd say you have a great chance. Don't forget that there are many other factors involved though.

    You still have to take the fitness test (1 minute of pushups, 1 minute of situps, and 1 mile run.)

    I posted something about impressions yesterday, I really think you should look at it. It's under a post very similar to this one. Just remember that the interview and the impression you make on the people who make the decision of scholarship or no scholarship is very important.

    Good luck!

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