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    I need some advice/feedback. I'm applying for the AROTC scholarship and I need to if im considered competitive my credentials are as follows:
    3.97 Weighted GPA 3.8 Unweighted
    52/600+ Class rank
    I have 8 honors classes and 3 AP classes
    I am the current Battalion Commander for my JROTC program and I an S4 and Company Commander in years past.
    I am a member of my NHS and Beta for school. I've received numerous academic awards such as the West Point Leadership award, superior cadet back to back years, and many other leadership awards.
    I have over 60+ hours of community service and I still have more to come this year.
    I am the senior class rep to my PTSA and I am one of the co founders/officers of my schools model UN
    I have been in travel soccer and I've been on JV and I lettered this year in soccer.
    My PT scores are 57 pu 60 Cur Mil 7:19 (I'm retaking this next week)
    My weakest part of my application are my test scores as much as I study for these tests I always do awful on them. 20 ACT but my super scores are 21-23 for the sections that matter and my Sat is 840 (Im retaking in two weeks) I've also worked a summer job the past three summers as a lifeguard with two being placed in a shift leader/MOD position. I am also considered a minority if that helps.
    I'm also an active member of the color guard/drill team.
    I attended Boys State, and JCLC and received a distinguished cadet award for JCLC
    My school also selected me for their student leadership institute.
    Also my weight is a little over the limit (200) but I am an athletic type of person and I know I would have to take a tape test.

    Any feedback would be great and thanks.
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    Well, without improving those ACT/SAT scores you don't have a hope in hell. Get a tutor. There is a method to taking these tests and although having the requisite knowledge is necessary, knowing HOW to take the test is probably more important to doing well.

    Mile run should be improved and of course you can always improve push ups and curls. This isn't about are you good enough, this is about beating your competition.

    Finally, one thing to keep in mind is that people are always evaluating you. There is no such thing as down time. That's even true on this forum, although not as important since you're anonymous. All that is to say that I hope your writing skills in your essays are a bit better than what you've shown us here. Just try re-reading your first two sentences.

    Not trying to be mean, just frank. Good luck! Hope all your dreams come true!
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    Kinnem's response for the ACT made me laugh, because I'm in the same boat as you. Getting a tutor helps and you should get one, but you can vastly increase your scores on your own too. Get a watch/timer for the test and create a game plan for how long you should spend on each section. That alone helped me tremendously.

    Doing practice tests and going over why you got certain questions wrong also greatly helps. Identity your weakspots with the practice tests and study hard in these areas via online videos. You will find that there are many extremely helpful ACT orientated videos out there. Above all, try your best. We are all concerned about the scholarship, but remember that you can still get a campus scholarship by proving yourself in your ROTC class. I know that the school I plan on going to has about a 70% scholarship rate for cadets in their junior year...Excellent odds when you are passionate about joining the military.
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    Some recent statistics for the 2015 AROTC scholarship winners for the 2019 graduating class. Remember, these include 3 and 4 year winners.

    The 4 year winners average was quite a bit higher than this and around a 29 on the ACT and 1290 on the SAT. That's higher than USMA whose 2019 class was 28 and 1254, respectively. Also, the average GPA for a 4 year winner is about 3.9-4.0 from what I was told by a PMS. I just thought I would let everyone know so they know the targets to shoot for a 4 year AROTC scholarship.

    The Cadet Command selection board makes decisions based on the strength of your application compared to the applicant pool. The profile for the 2015 academic year nation-wide recipients which includes all 3 and 4 year winners:

    94% were in the top 50% of their classes in academic (69% were in the top 25%)
    36% were class officers
    90% earned varsity sports letters
    60% were varsity team sports captains
    32% were in JROTC
    17% were club presidents
    3.6 average GPA
    1246 math + critical reading SAT; 27 ACT composite score

    Cadet Command awards both three year and four year scholarships through the centralized selection process.

    The top candidates are selected for four year scholarships, others are awarded three-year scholarships, and others are not selected at all. If you are awarded a 4-year scholarship, then your benefits will be paid your freshman year as long as you pass the Army fitness test, medical exam, and meet height and weight requirements.
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    Wow, nice stats other than your test scores. I'm 50 years old and have been speaking out against SAT scores since I was in high school. Unfortunately. very few people making any decisions seem to agree with me. Anyway, what I was going to suggest in the worst case scenario is that you go the college of your choice (that you can afford w/o a scholarship) and then enroll in the ROTC program. Show up in the best shape of your life and ready to go. If you get good grades your freshman year, then impress them with your determination and physical abilities, you would have a great chance at getting a campus based 3 year scholarship.

    That being said, do what the others have suggested and study, study, study. Get that tutor and work your tail off to improve your scores. It may not be easy but your hard work will pay off.

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