AROTC Scholarship Military Obligations in College


Sep 12, 2017
My DS was just awarded an AROTC 4 year Scholarship. What will his military obligations be while in college (VMI)? Military schools, ie jump school?
he can go to different schools like airborne or air assault during the summer if he wants (and is given a slot at), he'll be obligated to take the rotc classes each semester and attend pt but i think the only time you're required to do anything during the summer is advanced camp between end of junior and start of senior year, the rest of the summer's its just optional schools/internships you can go to
He will go to Cadet Basic either between rat year and 3rd class year and Advanced camp the summer after. Each are 30 days. He can attend others like airborne etc as well, but basic and advanced are required as best I know.