AROTC Scholarship non-winners


Oct 25, 2016
I'm constantly seeing information such as the ACT/SAT scores, PFT scores, and other activities of those who have won either a 3 yr or 4 yr AROTC Scholarship... this has me wondering what the profiles of those who did not win a scholarship looked like. Anybody not win an AROTC Scholarship?
It might be more informative to ask this in March or April after the final results are released. Answers provided then will include those who are lowest on the OML whereas answers provided now--for this year--would only be for those selected by the first board--and as they say, 'That group of kids are going to get into the academies anyway." ("They" being knowledgeable individuals speaking about Army ROTC--like ROOs.)
Not sure many that didn't earn last year will still be around unless reapplying this year or if have a sibling applying. But as said above about being informative knowing scores that didn't make the cut last year is based on the OML of last year's applicants that completed the full application process. Last year was very competitive just as I have no doubt this year is going to be the same. ClarksArmy had numbers showing about a 50% chance of getting a scholarship if you completed an application/interview.