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    Hi all,

    So I posted a long time ago asking about AFROTC, and after a long time of thinking about it, I've decided that the Army is the right decision for me. However, for personal reasons, I hesitated to start an application for an AROTC scholarship. My essential question is, with the deadline in January, do I still have a chance to complete the scholarship process and possibly receive a scholarship? And if so, how competetive am I?

    ACT composite-27
    Unweighted GPA-3.93
    IB Diploma candidate
    Varsity/JV soccer for 3 years
    Varsity tennis 1 year, JV for 1 year
    Varsity Bowling Team (Captain) for 1 year (Sr. year)
    Rotary Interact Club-Specialist (basically I organize community service projects)
    Red Cross Club for 2 years
    National Honor Society for 1 year (sophomore year)

    My school choices are Ohio State University, University of Washington, University of Southern California, Seattle University, and Drexel (UW and Seattle U are in-state for me-I don't know if this matters).


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