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    I'm going to be a college freshman this fall and just visited the AROTC office on my campus and I'm signing up for the basic course, I am extremely excited. I still have many questions in regards to the program however, the PMS said I am competitive for a scholarship and that it is possible to contract at the end of the second semester if I'm choosen. Please bear with me as these questions might sound really dumb.

    1. My electrical engineering degree is 5 years (165 credits, yes 5 year bachelor's degrees do exist), plus the ROTC program is 24 credits which 12 can be used as electives, how long does the program give me to graduate? Or is that dependent on the PMS? I am only worried because I'm a varsity athlete and could only take 15 credits a semester if I still want to do well academically. I would have to take 18 credits a semester to do rotc and graduate in 5 years exactly. I would give up athletics to do this.

    2. Is it possible to contract without a scholarship? Can this be done prior to entering the advanced course?

    3. At the end of my freshman year, I will at least 4 academic years remaining...will I be able to apply for a 3 year scholarship or contract?

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