AROTC site down?

I'm thinking it's either an update, overload from everyone checking or a combination.
If I were a betting man I would say its probably due to updates. In looking back when DS received his offer it was on Friday Feb 1, 2013. I would bet a cup of coffee the offers will be out no later than 1/30/2015 or sooner.
what error are you getting? I get to the sign in page but says my login/ pw combination is wrong.
Site is back up and DS's status still says Boarded, so... still waiting ... patiently (if patiently means checking the site quite often!). :) DS was in the first board review and will join ROTC next year even without a scholarship as his goal since he was a freshman in HS is to be an officer in the Army. Just so excited for his future! But his future will happen with or without a scholarship right now.
I'm pretty disappointed I thought that was the final update for winners...just need to exercise more patience.