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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by washingtonrunner, Aug 13, 2011.

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    Hi everyone!

    As one of my backup plans to not receiving a scholarship I am going to attend one of my state universities and participate in the AROTC program without a scholarship.

    I have heard that if you are not on a scholarship you must be chosen in order to continue on with the last 2 years of training.

    If this is wrong can someone please correct me. And how competitive is it to get into the last 2 years of training?

    I plan on working extremely hard and developing a relationships with the leaders in charge of the program because I have learned from my mistakes in High School and REALLY want to make my college experience work.

    Thanks so much for the time you take to answer all the questions on this forum. It's really amazing how helpful you all are.
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    You are correct, you must be recommended by the PMS and cadre to move on to the Advance Course that starts your junior year.

    There are min. you must meet to be eligible such as a school GPA above 2.0 and a MS GPA of 3.0 or higher. Of course those are just the minimums, you should work hard to be above that. PT will be very important as well, make sure you pass and excel at PT.

    Just work hard, don't miss classes and participate in all the activities required....and do well at PT and you should be fine......Now...things could change in the coming years due to budget cutbacks in the DoD. It could be possible that competition would be higher and fewer slots available so work your hardest, do good in school and make yourself noticed.
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    I agree with these comments. You shouldn't feel the need to outshine those Cadets that received scholarships. You just need to do well, meet all minimal standards, excel in at least one domain (academics, PT, leadership evals) and demonstrate the potential to serve as an officer in the US Army.

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