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Sep 21, 2015
Hello all,
I am an incoming freshman to a university and would like to know about the application process of the AROTC. I am aware of the Navy ROTC scholarship where you can apply for the 4 year as long as you don't have 30 college credits. Is the same for the Army ROTC scholarship?
Your only option for an Army scholarship is to join the AROTC Battalion and compete for any battalion scholarships they may have available.
Have you spoken to anyone at the ROTC Battalion at the school you plan to attend? Each ROTC Battalion does things a little different, so contact them, tell them you want to become an Army Officer and ask them how you sign up for their class. Then ask them what the process is to compete for a campus based scholarship. I recommend you do that today, because there may be some scholarships available over the summer for some Battalions to offer. You may be able to get in line for those, but your going to have to talk to the Battalion (most likely the ROO) to know how they will handle that.