Arthoscopic Shoulder Surgery - Waiverable?

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Dec 20, 2008
My son has passed the DODMERB physical and has received a nomination to the Naval Academy. During the fall he dislocated his shoulder playing football and now he is scheduled to have arthoscopic surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. His physician indicates that by March he will be able to undertake all physical activities with the shoulder without limitation.

He has the option of not having the surgery, but he is likely to reinjure the shoulder in any contact sport.

1. Is this condition suitable for a waiver?
2. Should he contact DODMERB for the waiver or the academy?
3. Would he be better off not to have the surgery and report to I-Day?
4. If he doesn't have the surgery will he have to reveal it on I-Day?
5. How long will a waiver take from either DODMERB or the USNA?
6. Any other pointers to assist in securing a waiver, if that is the best route to pursue?