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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by cmccollum4693, Mar 14, 2010.

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    how do you think i stand in getting an asthma waiver when I apply to the USMA this year?

    Background: Diagnosed with asthma at approximately five years of age.
    I had one attack shortly after that point, but after that I had no symptoms of asthma. The problem is that my mom kept getting new inhalers as the old ones expired, so this carried over until age 14. I never needed, nor did I use these inhalers. I've spoken with my doc about this and she has confirmed that I no longer have asthma and that I do not show any symptoms.
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    Speculation on what a waiver authority will or will not grant would be unproductive at this juncture. Things change and the senior medical waiver recommender will change in July.

    The best thing to do is complete your application and CFA as soon as possible; Apply to as many nominating authorities as you are eligible for; continue to separate yourself from the other applicants by accomplishments; volunteering; sports; community involvement; etc; update your application. When it comes time, apply early and when contacted, complete your medical history and exams as soon as possible.:thumb:

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