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Aug 13, 2006
I was diagnosed with asthma when i was very young but, i dont use an inhaler and I don't have any asthma attacks. Last time I saw a doctor about this was when I was about 11 or 12. I do have allerges to cats and dust but I dont take any medication. Is this a D.Q
You will get a DQ stamp before your exam is even finished. Asthma is an auto DQ. And a big no-no with DoDMERB

ChipAyten is wrong. No better way to say it. In your case, DoDMERB is going to ask for all medical records from birth to present. They will then review them to see when the last time you had an issue with the asthma. If it was before your 13th birthday they will be able to clear it. If you had any symptoms or were prescribed any medication after your 13th birthday then DoDMERB will have to apply the disqualification.

If you get disqualified for asthma it is not the end of the world. Waivers are granted for asthma, depending on when the last symptoms or medication was used. The allergies should not be a problem.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask away!
Chip and others with all due respect let the experts handle these types of queries. My son had been diagnosed with asthma at a very young age but was able to get a waiver as he never used an inhaler nor had any attacks. He is now at the USCGA.
RetNav is the man on these issues.:thumb:
ive had a few friends who ran into major roadblocks with asthma im just speaking from what they told me they went through
i was told by a docter that i had the slightest bit of asthma so he gave me an inhaler just incase but i have only used it a couple times is there a way that i can get this celared ?

If you were just recently diagnosed, and your prescription for the inhaler is recent, then it will be more difficult to get the waiver. You will be found disqualified by DoDMERB (if you haven't already), and then your file will automatically be sent to the waiver authorities. Depending on which academies you've applied for, you may need to request the waiver.

Regardless of which one it is, I would write a letter to DoDMERB explaining the circumstances behind the diagnosis, how many times you've used the inhaler and what you were doing when you needed it, and what activities you currently participate in. The wavier authorities can look at medical records all day, but the personal statement stating how you are affected can carry a lot of weight.

The wavier authorities may request some additional testing. If those tests come back positive (meaning that you do have asthma or reactive airway disease) then the chances of a waiver decrease a lot.

I don't want to sound negative, but I do want you to know what the possibilities are. If the service academy is what you want you need to stay positive and stay focused.

If you have any other questions, or this isn't clear enough, feel free to ask away!
i only needed it because when it was winter when i was younger i woudl have troubly breathing and my lungs would cramp up. so the doc gave me the inhaler just incase. i play soccer and asthma has not been a problem, i am fine now though

If you were diagnosed with asthma, and last took medication before your 13th birthday, then the asthma should not be an issue. If it was after 13 then you will be found disqualified, but if you haven't had to use the medication or had the diagnosis of asthma in the past 3-4 years, a waiver is very likely, especially if you are active in sports and are having no problems.
When I went for a physical when I was 15, everything was fine and the doctor said I was healthy and in good condition, but my mom insisted on having the doctor prescribe me an inhaler for "just in case" scenarios:rolleyes: moms...

Anyways, I haven't used it once and can play soccer fine and compete in physcial activities fine. Will this be waiverable. I assume I could have the doctor write a note saying I did not need it, but worrisome mom wanted me to have one and I am fine..?
avi8 mrob,

This is something that happens frequently. My suggestion, write a letter explaining the circumstances behind the prescription as well as the additional information that I've stated in one of the posts above. Send it in to DoDMERB so all the wavier authorities can take a look at it.

If 15 was the last age that an inhaler was prescribed, and you've had no other diagnoses of asthma or reactive airway disease then I would say you have a decent chance at getting a waiver. Understand that I haven't seen your medical records, and am just going on what you tell me here.
My memory is a little fuzzy and I cannot be exact with you on when I last had symptoms (it was very near the age 13 cutoff), but I can tell you now, I am fine. I will ask my doctor next time I have a physical when I last had symptoms and whether or not it was a big problem or just something that was a result of something else.

Thank you for your insight!
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