Athletic Shoes for Beast Barracks


Apr 14, 2017

I got the Boot Memo about the boots, low quarters, and athletic shoes. I was wondering if anyone who has been through Beast Barracks has any shoe brands/models that they recommend!
Wear shoes which fit properly, are comfortable while running, walking, and standing around. What is best for one may be terrible for another. Everyone's feet and legs are a bit different. Don't get hooked on a particular brand, but should be a quality shoe. Nothing flashy, unless you wish to draw attention to yourself.

Frankly boots are a bit more important. Blisters are a huge issue in beast, and boots are more often than not what causes the blisters. Get boots in advance and wear them in good. Get your feet conditioned.

Feet care is a big deal during Beast. The low quarters are also a blister cause, so break those in well too.
One other note... the boots today are far better than they were years ago. Much more comfortable . Please do not think you have to run with your boots on and even worse....ruck run with your boots on to either break them in or prep for beast. Breaking in your low quarters is good advice. For running shoes, make sure they fit well and you should be good to go.
Running stores will do a free analysis of your running style to determine the best shoes for you. You don't have to purchase your shoes there but it was good to try on etc. We did purchase his running shoes there and he had a 3 month return if they didn't work out. He now just orders that style of shoes. Breaking in the low quarters is necessary and good socks are helpful. My 2021 son escaped BB with no foot issues but he had many friends he was giving the moleskin and blister pads to over the course of the 6 weeks.
This is not the area to look to save a few dollars. You need three things, Boots, running shoes, low quarters. You are in the Army now, foot care is very important.

Boots are the most challenging unless you live near a military base. Make sure they fit and break them in, as @JWP says they are much better than years ago. You need to wear them around and do some hiking.

Running shoes are specific to the individual. You want a newer pair that is broken in.

Spend the few extra dollars on the better low quarters. While your focus is on Beast, your low quarters will be worn a lot more when the year starts.
@Rapids - what do you mean by 'not a good idea'?

About the low quarters - you can purchase inserts for them which increases the comfort level. Bates sells inserts that are specific to their shoe but you can also purchase 'generic' shoe inserts at any pharmacy. Both are helpful.