Attended CVW...Next NASS?


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Dec 27, 2016
Just wondering if anyone out there knew if it was possible to attend a CVW at USNA and then gain admission to Summer Seminar? I attended a CVW, but am worried that might play a negative factor in admission to NASS because I have already been exposed to the academy unlike other applicants.
I did both, and loved them. I saw both the mids I stayed with during my CVW when I was at Summer Seminar, and also one of the other candidates I hung out with during the CVW. I'm sure many others have done it and I don't think having or not having a CVW would play a role in your NASS admission.
Why should you even worry? There are many candidates who receive neither (and receive appointments). At least you got one!

Candidates are not suppose to get both (although it happens). The one common exception is someone who went to NASS and receives an appointment and wants a CVW to make a final decision.

Edit: only about one-third of each USNA class attends NASS. Not being offered has little impact on admission.
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My son did both. He enjoyed both immensely. One benefit of NASS is that your application is started, you can do your CFA there, and you get a written report/recommendation from your Detailer for your application file. My son received Appointment for class of 2021 last week (somewhat early). He was early about everything. I would suggest you go for it! Good luck!
Thank you all so much for the advice! I'll definitely be applying no matter if applicants are "suppose" to only go to one or the other but it makes me feel better to know others have done both before. Happy holidays!
you can do your CFA there
@Mdub71, congratulations and more so to your DS!

I think the opportunity to complete CFA during NASS is one of the many benefits, if not the most significant one, especially for those who already know they are leaning towards applying. The ability to be tested among a big peer group should help the applicants push harder and perform better. It is especially valuable if scheduling your CFA with your BGO or PE teacher could be an issue.

My advice to those accepted for NASS: train for it, perform your best, and be done with it!
In the "old" days, CVWs were typically offered to seniors, so NASS came first and then it was a question of whether you would get a CVW. Now, they are targeting CVWs more toward juniors.

IMHO, there is no downside to applying to NASS. I agree that the preference for acceptance will (or should) be those who have had no prior exposure to USNA. Thus, a turndown should not be viewed negatively. However, sometimes they have extra spots, especially in Session 1, when many h.s. students are still in school, so they might end up giving slots to some who have previously done CVW.