ATTN PARENTS: Here for 2012 basic pictures


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Jun 9, 2006

I will be back on the hill in less than two days. I will start taking pictures of YOUR basics. Now, I think this will be the easiest way from the academy due to website blocks. It will also help protect your sons/daughters privacy. SO, I am going to be using the online Kodak gallery.

In order for me to get pictures and for you to view, I ask for a little info from you guys! :
I need an e-mail address so that my gallery will allow you to view the pictures.
I need your S/D's name so I can find them as well as their flight.

My PM box has been emptied out. If it bounces a message from being full, just give me a day to clear it on out.

Should I change my screen name to Webguy2?