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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by osdad, May 15, 2013.

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    Couldn't find it in quick search...

    5 years (academy) + 2 (flight school) = 7 owed, after receiving wings. Is this correct? Heard it might be 5 + 4 = 9 (again after wings).

    Is it the same for Marine Corps aviation?

    If there's a wait to get into flight school does that time count towards the 5 owed for the academy? What about time at TBS?
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    Your clock does not start for your aviation commitment until wings, period. Waiting time before flight school and time at TBS doesn't count towards your flight commitment.

    The flight commitment is different (but the same) as the academy commitment. I'd have to dig up the commissioning paperwork that I (again) didn't read closely enough, but I think my class was the last year group to have an 8 year commitment after wings (for USMC). Supposedly it's changed to either 6 after wings or 6 rotary/8 fixed.

    So, when I signed my papers my EAS was 2017 but my "real" EAS if I wing is somewhere in the 2021-2022 timeframe depending on how long flight school takes. As of right now myself and most of the Marines from my class are around a year behind our Navy counterparts.

    The way the clock works is a little weird: as of right now, I'm working off of my five year academy commitment, as are all of my non-winged friends. Those of us who (knock on wood) get Wings of Gold will have that time basically "cancelled" at wings and start a new commitment. People who DOR or attrite from the pipeline and redesignate to something else will just continue to serve out the time they owe from USNA.

    I didn't do a great job of explaining, but...kinda make sense?
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    Aviation commitment for pilots is 8 years and for NFOs its 6 years. Time starts after getting winged. Your time in training counts as time in service (for promotions etc) but not for GI bill or other benefits.

    Your time in flight school also doesn't count towards your 5 yr commitment (which is the typical time requirement for service after graduation).

    So, if you are looking to be a pilot with the navy though the academy, you are looking at 4 yrs academy, 2 yrs flight training (give or take a few months), and then 8 yrs service. NFOs have the same commitment structure except their training usually lasts about 1.5 yrs with a 6 yr commitment after.

    If you do not complete flight training, your original 5 yr commitment begins once your re-designated to another community.

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