Awaiting Receipt Of Remedial


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Jan 8, 2020
Because I was pending disqualification, DODMERB had me complete AMIs and I turned them in. When I emailed them the person responded saying they got my AMIs and would forward them and that it should take 15 business days to process. That was back on the first day of November. When I check my Current Medical Status it says "Awaiting Receipt of Remedial". Does that mean they didn't receive what I sent? Should it be taking this long? What should I do? Do I email them again?
If you were my child, I would recommend you call to follow up. Yes they are super busy, but it’s been almost a month and a half. I would advise mine to wait until next week, you may be in the Holiday workload pile. Give them some time to get through their break workload (this week), and then follow up with a call.
To give some perspective my things went super quick. December 20th they recieved my exam. December 26th they requested a remedial, which i sumbitted December 30th and was recieved December 31st and I was qualified January 3rd
DS switched overnight from under waiver review to awaiting receipt of medical. How and when do we find out what they would like us to do? There is nothing in the portal. He is a USMA candidate, so we mailed all relevant medical files last week, received Saturday. (Sent bc the West Point Portal says to send all relevant medical records to your DQ).
x_juxxie_x and DrDana...have your DS...the me at with your...his...complete name. Standing by.... The email is simple. John H.Smith (x_juxxie_x) Last 4 = 1234 and Donald P. Schmucatelli (Ds of DrDana) Last 4 =5678. I don't need anything else cuz I'll already know what the question is ;)

Just a guess, but this "appears" to be a better approach than commiserating in the area of the unknown?