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    This is a quick question, someone may have already asked this but

    So the way I understand it is that, if you go to USMA, no matter your major, you will get a B.S. Does this mean that your diploma will read B.S. in English, if you chose that as your major? How exactly does that work if you were to leave the military and enter the civilian world, as far as graduate school and such.
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    Remember, whether or not it says B.S or B.A of English, your diploma will always say "The United States Military Academy". The civilian world and graduate school respects that educational degree either way.
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    The transcript will specify your major, courses taken, and grades. If you leave the military and apply to graduate school, you request transcripts from USMA the same as you would from any undergraduate university.

    Prior to the establishment of full majors, the diploma simply stated Bachelor of Science regardless of area of concentration. Not sure if they now include major on the diploma (someone younger can chime in), but it will be B.S. not B.A.

    And yes, USMA carries significant weight in the academic world. You can check many prestigious scholarships and find that USMA ranks among the top in awardees. For example Rhodes Scholarships in order of number awarded - 1. Harvard 2. Yale 3. Princeton 4. Stanford 5. USMA
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    You receive a Bachelor of Science degree, with a major in whatever your specific discipline was. Because at WP the curriculum for everyone includes significant math and science which ordinarily you would not receive with a liberal arts discipline at most undergraduate colleges, you meet the criteria for Bachelor of Science. Which is, in most people's assessment at least, better than a Bachelor of Arts.