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    I've heard stories about Naval Aviation backlogs (way more junior officers in pipeline than openings in flight school) and JO's either separating with no consequences or perhaps selecting to go SWO. I've also heard similar things about Nuke School - more JO's selecting subs and either having to wait for a class to start or even change their mind about going subs and being given the choice to separate or go SWO. Anyone have any idea on how often it happens for either one?
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    I think the back log for Naval Aviation has been cleared. A few years ago there was a very big back log, but for 2014 USNA grads, training started pretty much right after basket leave or after a short TAD. My son had a Aug 2014 report. I can't answer the Nuke school question. It definitely goes in waves. Major Airlines are hiring again, after a long period of stagnation. The lack of hiring kept military pilots in the service that may have otherwise separated after their commitment in order to fly commercial. Now there looks to be a military pilot shortage down the road and pipeline is clearing.

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